Rick Dodge Jr.

I would like to thank Randy and John sr you guys are awesome are deck came out great thanks for everything Rick and Kim

Mike Wood

It’s pretty nice to be treated like a person and not like some sort of construction cattle like Home Depot treats you. Always nice and makes me happy to support a small local business like Stanley lumber

John Duval

Great service. Both employees very helpful. Better than going to the big box stores!

Linda Cernik

Excellent customer service! We recently purchased wood pellets, 3 ton.. Delivered the same day. We are extremely happy with the Lignetics wood pellets,great burn, low ash. Today my son Daniel and I purchased our family Christmas tree at Stanleys, proceeds to PopCare. The team at Stanleys goes above and beyond, they were so kind to deliver the tree to my home in adams. Thank you for keeping the home town feeling alive.

Bob Hillard

Very happy that the Duquette family has carried on the Stanley's Lumber store. If you haven't been in there lately, go in. Very nicely layed out and organized. Stocked with tools and everything you need. You can also get your propane tanks filled there. Very friendly service.

Wedny Ali Bozek

Thank you for advising me on the right insulation and how to do it support to minimize my draft issues in this old farmhouse. It made a huge difference, just in time for the upcoming -35* with windchill weather forecast. And it was a few $ cheaper than what I thought I needed. Thank you!


1 day ago
Stanley's Lumber

Everything we do, we do for you!

1 day ago

Mulch, beautiful mulch!

6 days ago

The one great thing about this rain is our lawns are getting greener! Now...we need the right tools to get those lawns in shape. Stop in and see our super sales going on.

1 week ago

Don't forget to call us for your equipment rental needs!

1 week ago

So what are you working on during these dreary days? How can we help? We have strong contractor bags for sale. You can just cut a hole for your head and you'll stay dry all day.

1 week ago

Sweeeet spring deals! Don't forget we're open Saturday until 3pm (rain or shine) 🤪🌦

1 week ago

Clean up clean up!

2 weeks ago

Super sale! Cape Cod Fencing 8 3/4x33 - only $2.99 each!

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